FKuR Plastics Corporation

Biobased carbon content: 

30% to 94%

  • Bio-Flex®
  • Biograde®
  • Fibrolon®

FKuR resins can be biobased and/or biodegradable as well as compostable according to ASTM D 6400 and EN 13432. Depending on the grade they are also suitable for contact with food. FKuR resins can be converted using conventional plastic processing machines.

  • Bio-Flex® is made of PLA (NatureWorks) and biodegradable natural fillers for extrusion and injection molding

    Bio-Flex® resins have mechanical properties comparable to PE-LD and PE-HD as well as PS and PP.

  • Biograde® is made of Cellulose acetate and mainly used for injection molding

    Biograde® resins have properties comparable to PS and an excellent heat resistance up to 252°F.

  • Fibrolon® is made of either PLA or polyolefins (PO) and contains European softwood from sustainable forests

    Under the trade name Fibrolon®, FKuR develops a range of Wood Based Composites (WPCs) for injection molding. These natural fibre reinforced compounds can be injection molded easily, in contrast to many other WPCs. Fibrolon® compounds have especially high strengths and stiffness comparable to wood. FKuR offers PP and PLA based Fibrolon® resins.

Product manufacturing facility location: 

US-based subsidiary in Cedar Park, Texas since October 2009. The product manufacturing facility is located in Germany.


Julia Dolfen, Technical and Commercial Customer Support
Phone: (512) 986-8478