Innovia Films

Biobased carbon content: 



Films including films used for confectionery, feminine hygiene, organic bakery goods, fresh produce, dried foods, cheese, bag-making, adhesive tapes, magnetic and optical media, home and personal care and beverages.


Innovia Films' biodegradable films are called NatureFlex™ films. They are cellulose-based, made from wood-pulp. The films are reportedly biodegradable, also in aqueous environments, and compostable in industrial and home composting. The films are described as biodegrading in less than six weeks. Innovia Films have been certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

Biobased material source location: 

Managed plantations from suppliers operating, or working towards, Good Forestry principles (FSC or equivalent). The plantations are located mostly in South Africa, Brazil and Canada.

Product manufacturing facility location: 

Innovia Films has four manufacturing sites globally: England, Belgium, Australia and the United States. Coated grades of NatureFlex are currently made only in England. The plant in England has had a Climate Change Agreement since 2000 committing it to energy efficiency targets and continual improvements. The plant is equipped with a combined heat and power plant to maximize fuel efficiency and has a closed-loop gas recovery system. Solvents used in the coating process are recovered.


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