Biobased carbon content: 

as high as 90%; varies with type of product.


The Plantic bio-resin is suited for plastic conversion processes including thermoforming, injection molding, film extrusion and blow molding. Applications can include rigid and flexible packaging. Uses include confectionery and baked food trays and secondary products and packaging including for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Plantic plastics are made from renewable non-genetically modified corn. Plantic will reportedly biodegrade without harmful residues in household waste and is flushable/disposable in wastewater. Plantic has the OK compost certification, OK home compost certification, OK water bio-degradable certification and the DIN CERTCO 'compostable' logo (certifies accreditation according to the European Standard DIN EN13432).

Biobased material source location: 


Product manufacturing facility location: 

Melbourne, Australia.


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