Potatopak Limited

United Kingdom and New Zealand
Biobased carbon content: 



In the United Kingdom:

  • Food trays

In New Zealand:

  • Plates
  • Trays
  • Bowls
  • Punnets
  • Packaging
  • Bags
  • Forks, knives, spoons

Potato Starch

The process, as told on the Potatopak website:

The major ingredient is potato starch and this is currently sourced in two ways: the first is from dedicated starch production companies and the second and ideal source, which is now emerging, is from re-processed potato waste.

Potatoes, on their journey from spud farm to French fries, are blasted with water, washed, scrubbed, and at 120kph, pushed through a tube fitted with a series of knives. The waste water from this is full of starch from the cut surfaces of the Potatoes. The starch is extracted and, in doing so, it returns clean water to be re-used by the potato processor and dried potato starch to be used by us in the making of our trays and plates!

Once we receive the dried starch, we process it in a high-speed pressure thermoforming machine that inserts the powdered starch between a set of moulds of the desired shape that we want to make. The mould closes and the starch is pressurised and 'cooked' into the rigid and strong shape. An automated handling system then extracts the tray ready for the next cycle.

Biobased material source location: 

Whenever possible, potato starch is reclaimed from local potato-based food processors. Where starch extraction facilities do not exist, starch is imported.


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