District of Columbia: Green Festival

Washington, DC

The Green Festival is a joint project of Global Exchange and Co-op America. This largest and oldest sustainability festival takes place every year in five different locations: Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Denver and Seattle. Environmental, social justice and community organizations as well as local and national socially responsible businesses have the opportunity to exhibit their work or products and services at booths throughout the event. There are also over 150 speakers at each event advocating for a just and sustainable world.

At the Washington, DC 2007 and at each Festival, all of the foodservice ware at the Organic Food Court and the Organic Beer and Wine Garden was biodegradable. The Green Festival set up bins labeled: "recycling," "composting," "mixed paper" and "landfill" at locations throughout the event. Staff wearing Green Festival t-shirts stood at all bin locations to inform festival participants about proper separation and disposal procedures. Most people were very interested in learning about the use of these environmentally preferable materials and the composting infrastructure to utilize the bio-ware at the end of the Festival. The Green Festival's efforts are successful in educating the volunteers, vendors and the public about effectively using the biodegradable products and collecting them for composting.


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