Policies and Campaigns to Promote Sustainable Plastics

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance is identifying and promoting policies and campaigns to encourage the development of sustainable plastics. As part of this work we are coordinating the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative, a network of diverse organizations working to spur the use of biomaterials that are sustainable from birth in the fields to production, use, and recovery.

Policies and campaigns to promote better plastics include:

Bans on Polystyrene
Californians Against Waste Web Page
City of Oakland, California
City of Seattle, Washington
Bans and Fees on Single-Use Plastics
Bags: Californians Against Waste Web Page
Bag Ban: SFEnvironment (City and County of San Francisco)
Bag Ban: California state-wide plastic bag ban
Bag Fee: Washington, DC Anacostia River Clean-Up & Protection Act of 2009
Single-Use Bottles: North Carolina statewide landfill disposal ban
Anti-PVC Campaign
PVC: The Poison Plastic (The Center for Health, Environment & Justice)
PVC Plastic campaign (Healthy Building Network)
Product Procurement
Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative
Promoting Sustainable Agriculture
Working Landscape Certificates (Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy)