The biomaterial industry is developing rapidly and many companies are already using products ranging from bottles and foodservice ware, to durable textiles and automotive parts. Manufacturers may claim that their products are green, sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally neutral, or even that “they return to nature without a trace.” However, like their fossil-fuel-based counterparts, not all bioproducts are created equal. Some are 100% biobased; others are made with fossil-fuel-based feedstocks; some are free of genetically modified organisms; and others are not. Some products may be certified as commercially compostable. Others may also be biodegradable in the marine environment. Some may be made with additives or blended with a variety of materials. Product applications and product performance will differ too. Ask for the data!

The following companies produce a wide variety of products and packaging made from biobased materials. The Institute for Local Self-Reliance has not tested nor assessed any of these products for material content or performance.


Biodegradable Product Associations

Bioplastics Industry Associations